We don't like to think about it, but sudden, unexpected accidents or illnesses do happen, and trying to find an pay for adequate medical attention can be difficult when you are abroad.
Health car costs around the world can be bery expensive. Hospital can charge thousands of dollars per day. Your health plan may or may not cover a minute protion of these cost. Without adequate insurance coverage you could be responsible from dollar one, which could create a massive impact on your personal finances. Why take the risk?

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JF Insurance Agency Group Inc. (JF) is a licensed brokerage firm incorporated in 1992. We are the leading private firm in providing Emergency Hospital and Medical coverage for Canadians, visitors across Canada and International students. We are recognized for our dedication to serve our clients on both an individual basis and association groups.


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Emergency Hospital Insurance

Visitor to Canada

Healthcare costs in Canada can be expensive if you’re not covered by a Canadian government healthcare plan. Make sure you have the proper visitor insurance coverage to help protect you and your family and enjoy a secure stay in Canada.

Emergency Hospital Insurance

International Student to Canada

Studying abroad is exciting and adventurous. Make sure you have the right insurance coverage for your journey while in Canada.

Emergency Hospital Insurance

Canadian Travellers

It may not come as a surprise that your provincial health plan may not cover your health care costs incurred outside of Canada, but did you also know that you could have limited coverage when traveling to other provinces/territories within Canada? Make sure you are properly covered when travelling abroad or from your home province.